3-D Laserscanning

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HELLING 3D Laser Scanning Anti-Reflexionsspray MATT
HELLING anti-reflection spray for 3D laser scanning
  • Creates an excellent matting with an outstanding  coverage rate.
  • Enables very efficient wettability of the surface.
  • Creates a homogenous, smooth, closed, fine, white powder layer, which
    provides for a precise measurement result.
  • The powder layer sublimates and evaporates residue-free.
HELLING anti-reflection spray for 3D laser scanning

HELLING 3D Laser Scanning Anti-Reflexionsspray MATT prevents reflections on objects prepared for measurement with a 3-D laser scanner.

It is suitable for large measurement objects with coating layer. In the case of plastic surfaces suitability should be verified previously.

Essential improvement with respect to health and environmental protection

  • Volatile anti-reflection spray
  • Solvent-free (free of cyclododecane)
  • Powder layer sublimates and evaporates completely
  • No dust residue during spraying (preserves laser ventilator and avoids injury upon test personnel)
  • Post-cleaning with 3-D cleaner

auf die Merkliste  119.990.009  Aerosol 500 ml  

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Creates a thin white and homogenous and  anti-reflection layer on the sureface

  • Fine grained
  • Without corrosive effects
Anti-reflection Sunstance for 3-D Laser Scanner

auf die Merkliste  119.990.001  Aerosol  400 ml
auf die Merkliste  119.900.005  Container  1 L
auf die Merkliste  119.900.004  Container  10 L

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For preliminary and subsequent cleaning of surfaces when using 3-D laser scanners

3-D Laser Scanning Cleaner

auf die Merkliste  119.990.002  Aerosol  400 ml

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Spray head extension

Enables precise application in hardly accessible areas

White spray head extension
100 mm pipe
for 3D laser scanning spray 400 ml aerosol

Spray head extension | for 3D anti-glare spray

Scope of delivery

  • 100 mm spray head extension

auf die Merkliste  119.990.018  Spray head extension  

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