Welding Related Accessories

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Vernier Caliper


  • Stainless steel
  • mm and inch graduations
  • Measurement range 0 - 150 mm

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Analoge Tiefenmessuhr
Analogue Dial Depth Gauge


Determination of  edge notch  and  depth of indication

  • Change- and stepless adjustable sensor pin
  • Universally applicable
Measurement range    
up to 10 mm
1/100 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Dial gauge
  • Stainless steel recording prism of dial gauge, width 30 mm
  • Scanner pin with peak
  • Scanner pin with hook

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Polarity Tester


  • Round capped design
  • To be placed on the welding cable during welding

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Digital Clamp Meter


For measurement of

  • Alternating current
  • Direct current
  • Alternating voltage
Direct current
Alternating voltage       
Alternating current
Direct voltage
1 kA
500 V
1 kA
200 V
200 Ohm

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Control-service box • including welding-related accessories


Comprehensive colelction of welding-related accessories such as

  • Measurement Equipment
  • Gauges
  • Probes

and much more.

The complete contents of the control-service box is listed in the product flyer.

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Product flyer
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