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Surface Crack Detection
Surface Crack Detection • Science Book


Non-Destructive Testing
Material Testing
Surface Crack Detection
Visual Testing - Penetrant Testing - Magnetic Powder Testing

Rainer Link
Nathanael Riess

This science book consists of four chapters, starting with an introduction into non-destructive material testing, followed by explanations according to the three NDT methods for surface crack testing: visual testing, penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing. In the introduction the methods are arranged according to their physical active principle. The interpretation of indications follows as well as a short introduction into the determination of the probability of detection. The impact of material inhomogeneities, especially of cracks, is presented descriptive for several examples.

 Physical contexts are derived in detail and well understandable. Each chapter closes with a brief conclusion according to the applicability of the respective method. The science book closes with a comprehensive collection of Units and formulae. For better understanding of the derivations calculation with vectors is explained briefly.

In addition to the generally known processes for the application of surface crack testing methods this sciene book includes a multiple of interesting Information e.g. with respect to hitsory, physic, applicability and probabilty of detction.

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