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GammaTest C
GammaTest C • Dose Rate Alarm Unit


Dose rate alarm unit  with

  • light and robust
  • battery powered
  • for personal radiation protection and for the detection
    of gamma and X-radiation
  • 4 adjustable alarm thresholds


Technical Data        
Measurand   ambient equivalent dose rate H*(10)
Detector   energy compensated GM tube
Housing   splashproof, anodised aluminium housing (shielding against EMC influence)
Power supply   2 x type AAA (LR03)
Energy range   40 keV - 1.3 MeV
Alarm thresholds   25 µSv/h
40 µSv/h
   1 mSv/h
10 mSv/h
Overload capacity   >500 mSv/h
Temperature range   -30°C  to  +60°C
Acoustic alarm   >80 dB(A) measured in 30 cm distance
Dimensions   106 x 67 x 23 mm (without clip)
Weight   approx. 190 g (with batteries)

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GammaSmart one • Dose Rate Alarm Unit


Very robust  alarm unit

  • Pocket-sized
  • Battery powered
  • Easy to operate
  • Detection of gamma and X-radiation
  • Clear optical and  acoustical single warning pulses
  • An increasing dose rate leads to an increasing pulse rate
  • Optical battery control   
  • Housing ensures shielding against electromagnetic influence
  • OPTIONAL:  Dose rate alarm threshold at 40 µSv/h


Dose rate measurement unit  GammaSmart one V.CEx  for applications in potentially explosive atmosphere

Technical Data       
Kind of Radiation   Gamma radiation / X-rays
Detector   Geiger-Mueller Counter
Housing   Aluminium
Sensitivity   Counting rate at 3 µSv/h
approx. 6 counts/minute
Ambient background radiation       approx. 1 count in 2 minutes
Power supply   2 batteries 1.5 V (type AAA)
Temperature range   -20°C to+40°C
Dimensions   72 x 60 x 22 mm
Weight   ca. 100 g  (mit Batterien)


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GWL 10 m
GWL 10 m • Dose Rate Warning Lamp


Dose rate warning lamp  with acoustic and optical alert

  • Battery operation
  • Measurement of gamma radiation and X-ray
  • 4 fixed alert thresholds
  • Suitable for robust applications
  • Preferrable for room control and control of  closed-off areas
Technical Data  
Type of radiation
Measuring value
Alert threholds

Alert tone
Energy range
Temperature range     
Power supply
Operation period
Protection class
Gamma/X-ray (DC equipment)
Geiger-Mueller-counter with energy filter
Aluminium / polycarbonate / ABS (splash-proof)
Ambient equivalent dose rate H*(10)
7.5 µSv/h
25 µSv/h
1 mSv/h
10 mSv/h
> 93 dB(A) at 30 cm distance; can be switched off
40 keV - 1.3 MeV
-30 °C to +60 °C
48 h without alert processes
120 x 120 x 250 mm
2.3 kg
IP 65

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