Measurement Devices


Measurement devices are essential for each non-destructive testing method.  Measurement parameters can be obtained directly e.g. wall thicknesses or hardness values. Environmental or testing conditions can be monitored or measured and compared with limit values of standards, e.g. illumination, density or field strength values.

HELLING  offers, e.g., the following measurement instruments for testing methods:

  Test Method  Parameter  Measurement Device
  Radiographic testing  Film density  Densitometer
   Dose rate  Dosie rate meter
     Dose rate alarm unit
  Magnetis particle testing  Field strength  Magnetic field meter
  Visual testing  Roughness  Roughness tester
   Illumination value  Photometer
  Testing of welds  Temperature  Infrared thermometer
  Thickness measurement  Wall thickness   Wall thickness gauge
   Coating thickness   Coating thickness gauge
  Hardness testing  Hardness value   Hardness tester


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