Protection Coating

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Protection paint  for high temperatures,  silicone-based for

  • Protection against oxidation and corrosion
  • Colour marking
  • Decoration

Particular properties of Pyromark:

  • Excellent opacity
  • No forming of gas holes or cracks,  flaking or peeling at nominal temperature
  • High emission capability (optimised heat transfer , e.g. in infrared heating equipment)
  • Solar absorption coefficient 0.95 (well suitable for solar generators) 
Series       Colour Peak  Temperature
1200      black (mat)          649 °C 1200 °F
2500 black (mat) 1093 °C   2000 °F
Pyromark | high temperature paint and thinner

auf die Merkliste  518.000.000  Protection paint Pyromark 1200   Container 3.8 L
auf die Merkliste  518.000.007  Protection paint Pyromark 2500   Container 3.8 L
auf die Merkliste  518.500.002  Thinner for Pyromark 2500    Container 3.8 L

Safety data sheet  



Weldable  anti-corrosive protection coating   for protection of steel surfaces before application of heat-producing joining technology.

  • Protection of weld pool
  • No residues or  slags
  • Improves weld quality
  • Creates surface with aluminum effect
  • Temperature-resistant up to 800 °F / 427 °C 
  • Drying time approx. 6 h at 25 °C

 Effectice for all kinds of steel including

  • high-strength steel
  • carbon molybdenum steel
  • chromium molybdenum steel

Free of

  • lead
  • sulfur
  • tin
  • cadmium
  • mercury
  • chlorine
  • and any other halogens
Bloxide | rust preventive weldable coating

auf die Merkliste  519.000.010  Aerosol  340 ml
auf die Merkliste  519.000.011  Container  950 ml
auf die Merkliste  519.000.012  Container  3.8 L



Paintable  temperature protection paste  for all metals

  • Absorption of surface heat which is produced by welding, brazing or hard solder
  • No bending, bulging or other deformation of thin metal parts
  • Creates separating layer which prevents discolouring, bubbles and cracks
  • Not toxic
  • Non-hazardous for the skin
  • Odourless
  • Non-asbestos
  • Adhere at horizontal and vertical areas and also when operating overhead
  • Cartridge fits into each commercial application pistol
  • Surplus material can be smoothly removed with water
Anti-Heat | heat prevention medium

auf die Merkliste  519.090.002  Container  3.8 L