Accessories for Hand Yokes


HELLING  offers different poles and inductive illumination elements for hand yoke magnets.

  • Protection and header poles  for hand yoke magnets of series HANSA UM 8, UM 9 and UM 10

    Scope of delivery
    1 set (= 2 pieces), respectively
  • Inductive illumination elements  with
    • 1 UV LED
    • 2 UV LED
    • 1 white light LED

These inductive illumination elements are not suitable for hand yoke magnets of series DC.

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Vorsatzpol 45°
Flexible Poles 45° | movable

Flexible poles with 45° foot with pin for  UM 8, UM 9 and UM 10.

The lower part can be moved 45° to the inner or outer side. So the pole distance can be shortened or extended.

auf die Merkliste  131.002.023  Flexible Poles 45°  

Vorsatzpol 76°
Flexible Poles 76° | movable

Flexible poles with 76° foot with pin.

Optimised for inspection of fillet welds.

auf die Merkliste  131.002.019  Flexible Poles 76°  

Schutzpol anschraubbar
Protective Poles | for screwing


Only for HANSA hand yoke magnet UM-9 and UM-10

auf die Merkliste  131.002.021  Protective poles for screwing  

Schutzpol mit Stift
Protective Poles with Pin


Protective poles with pin for Hand yoke magnet UM 8, UM 9 and UM 10

auf die Merkliste  132.020.021  Protective pole with pin  

Koffer mit Schutz- und Vorsatzpolen
Case with protection and flexible poles



(1 set = 2 pieces)

  • Flexible poles 45°
  • Flexible poles 76°
  • Protective poles with pin
  • Protective poles for screwing
  • Rubber protection caps
  • Movable flexible poles „Spezial“
Case with poles |

auf die Merkliste  131.500.124  Case with poles  

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Induktives UV-LED-LeuchtelementInduktives UV-LED-LeuchtelementInduktives UV-LED-Leuchtelement
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Inductive UV LED Light Element | Head swivelling


Technical Data  Art. no.  131.002.053       Art. no.  131.002.063
Operating current
UV source
UV intensity at 70 mm distance2    
Life time of UV LED    
Wave length

approx. 500 mA
1 x UV LED
approx. 2,000 µW/cm2     
approx. 10,000 h
365 nm
65 x 80 mm
approx. 70 g 

approx. 500 mA
2 x UV LED
approx. 3,500 µW/cm2
approx. 10,000 h
365 nm
65 x 80 mm
approx. 80 g 

auf die Merkliste  131.002.053    1 x UV LED
auf die Merkliste  131.002.063    2 x UV LED

Induktives Weißlicht-LED-Leuchtelement
Inductive White Light LED Element | Head swivelling


Technical Data      
Operating current
White light source
Illumination intensity at 70 mm distance2    
Life time of LED    

approx. 500 mA
1 x LED
approx. 1,000 lx
approx. 10,000 h
65 x 80 mm
approx. 70 g 

auf die Merkliste  131.002.054  Inductive White Light LED Element  

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