Magnetising Coils

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Half coil for connection at high-current generator HELLMAG 3000 for magnetisation of shafts (∅ 100 - 250 mm)

Excellent application for narrow gaps (e.g. between wheel and brake disc)

Half Coil | Testing of Shafts

Technical Data  
Number of turns
Cross section  400 mm2/turn
Control Optionally foot switch or grip handle with pushbutton
  (Start/Stop of magnetisation)
High current cable 4 pieces à ∅ 120 mm2

Customised adjustment

auf die Merkliste  131.020.093  Half coil  

Magnetisierungsspule geschlossen
Magnetising Coil closed


For connection at high-current generator HELLMAG

Technical Data Art. no. 131.020.011  Art. no. 131.020.012  Art. no. 131.020.013 
Inside diameter of magnetisation coil 200 mm 350 mm 500 mm
Number of turns 3 3 3
Magnetisation Coil | closed

auf die Merkliste  131.020.011  Diameter 200 mm  
auf die Merkliste  131.020.012  Diameter 350 mm  
auf die Merkliste  131.020.013  Diameter 500 mm  

Magnetisierungsspule aufklappbar
Magnetisation Coil | hinged

Hinged magnetisation coil  for connection to HELLMAG generator

  • Hinged with clamping lever lock
Technical Data Art. no. 131.020.021  Art. no.  131.020.022  Art. no.  131.020.023 
Inside diameter of magnetisation coil     200 mm 350 mm 500 mm
Number of turns 3 3 3


auf die Merkliste  131.020.021  Diameter 200 mm  
auf die Merkliste  131.020.022  Diameter 350 mm  
auf die Merkliste  131.020.023  Diameter 500 mm  

Magnetisierungsspule Trapez
Magnetisation Coil | Trapezoidal Coil


Trapezoidal coil  for connection at HELLMAG high-current generator for  testing railway wheels

  • Contactless complete magnetisation of the surface of wheels (except wheel hub hole)
  • Wheel diameter 700 -1,200 mm
  • Integrated magnetic particle suspension rinsing system
  • Current supply of coil via copper tracks 60 x 10 mm

auf die Merkliste  131.050.035  Magnetisation trapezoidal coil  

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