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Hellmag Universal

The test benches  HELLMAG Universal 500 AC, HELLMAG Universal 700 AC  and
HELLMAG Universal 1000 AC are designed for testing short-run batches and for training purposes.

  • Mechanical fixing of the test item via two quick clamp devices serves for optimal electric and magnetic contact
  • 2 single connectible magnetising circuits (AC current flow magnetisation / AC yoke magnetisation)
  • Operation via Siemens "KTP 600" multi-colour touch panel
  • Test piece current settings can be storaged 
  • Powerful UV LED stationary lamp
HELLMAG Universal | Crack Test Bench

Technical Data HELLMAG
500 AC
700 AC

1000 AC
Art. no. 139.900.330 139.900.310 139.900.320
Clamping length
AC current flow
AC yoke magnetisation
60 - 500 mm
1,200 A eff.
approx. 12,000 AT
60 - 700 mm
1,200 A eff.
approx. 12,000 AT
150 - 1,000 mm
2,000 A eff.
approx. 20,000 AT
Tangential field strength       approx. 30 A/cm2 approx. 30 A/cm2 approx. 30 A/cm2

Relative duty cycle
Data storage
Data transfer
Mains connection
Power consumption
(without cabinet)

40 %
400 V / 50 Hz
max. 18 kVA
approx. 125 x 64 x 160 cm
approx. 303 kg

30 %
400 V / 50 Hz / 100 A
max. 28 kVA
approx. 160 x 50 x 165 cm
approx. 480 kg
40 %
400 V / 50 Hz / 125 A
max. 55 kVA
approx. 250 x 80 x 140 cm
approx. 790 kg


Rissprüfbank HELLMAG Universal für Serienprüfung kleiner Bauteile und Schulung von ZfP Prüfpersonal

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auf die Merkliste  139.900.310  HELLMAG Universal 700 AC  
auf die Merkliste  139.900.320  HELLMAG Universal 1000 AC  

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Hellmag Vario
HELLMAG Typ Vario 2500 | Crack Test Bench


Test bench  HELLMAG Typ Vario 2500  is suitable for e.g. testing of railway wheelset axles.

  • 2 stepless adjustable magnetization cycles (AC current flow / AC coil magnetisation)
  • With blackout cabin (curtains / shutter)
  • Swivelling control panel
  • Horizontal movable powerfull large UV LED panel lamp
  • Joystick for motor control of coil transportation and rotation of test specimen
  • Manually movable  sleeve carriage with pneumatic clamping device
  • Ring shower
  • Test medium tank with pump and bypass
  • Control cabinet
Technical Data  
Clamping length
Current flow
Coil magnetization
Supply voltage
Control voltage
Power consumption
Hub of quick clamping device
Test medium tank
Compressed air connection
Automatical demagnetisation      
2,500 mm
4,200 A eff.
max. 4,500 ampere-turns
400 V rotary current
24 V / 50 Hz
approx. 75 kVA
approx. 25 mm (two-hand operation)
approx. 7 mm (foot switch)
approx. 40 L
5 - 6 bar

up to approx. 500 kg

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ZER-O-MAT® Test Bench | Bench for Magnetization


Test bench ZER-O-MAT®  enables comfortable and quick magnetic particle testing of the surfaces of pipes,  billets, rods, hollow sections and similar test specimens.

  • Max. ∅  20 - 660 mm
  • Quadratic/rectangular cross sections, irregular shaped parts and pipe-ends can be tested, too
  • Application of the U-coils (ZER-O-MAT coil) which are patented and have been developed by  HELLING
  • Contactless magnetisation (avoidance of contact or contact burn)
  • Effective magnetisation of the surface up to approx. 1.5 mm depth (Skin effect)
  • Spiral transportation of the test specimen through the coil (at ED 100 %)
  • No demagnetisation required
  • Powerfull UV LED panel lamp Slim-Line   (no warm-up time)
Technical Data  
Input supply voltage
Control voltage
Power consumption
Main supply
Tangential field strength at testing surface     
Testable pipe dimensions
Duty cycle
UV illumination
400 V / 50 Hz
230 V / 50 Hz
max. 90 KVA
min. 250 A
≥ 24 A/cm
 ∅ 20 to 660 mm
up to 100 % possible
UV LED panel lamp Slim Line

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Railway Wheel Testing System | MT testing facility


HELLING  railway wheel testing system  for detection of

  • surface defects and
  • near-surface defects of any orientation direction at railway wheels

by magnetic particle testing.

This facility is suitable for

  • testing of assembled wheelsets
  • testing during production of rolling stock wheels
  • reconditioning of rolling stock wheels

This  railway wheel testing system  consists of a special stabil metal rack with lifting device. Contactless magnetisation of the complete surface (except the inside diameter of the wheel hub) is possible by specially developed trapezoidal coil for wheels of 700 mm - 1,200 mm diameter.

Testing is performed by fluorescent water-based magnetic particle Suspension under UV irradiation. For this purpose the trapezoidal coil is equipped with an integrated magnetic particle suspension rinsing system.  The magnetic particle suspension is elevated from a 40 L tank by the integrated pump with mixing system.

Technical Data   
Power supply
Operating voltage
Current supply
3 x 400 V  /  50/60 Hz  /  11 kVA
3 x 35 A
24 V DC via copper tracks 60 x 10 mm
Type of coil Trapezoidal coil with integrated magnetic particle suspension rinsing system
Driving motor 0.37 kW with frequency converter and brake
Rotation speed Level 1 = 1 turn/min
  Level 2 = 2 turns/min
  Level 3 = 3 turns/min
Magnetisiation current 
Magnetisation power
selectable via 6-steps switch
as from level 2 > 25 A/cm
control panel with operating and fault message; joystick or foot switch
Tank for
magnetic powder suspension 
40 L tank with integrated pump and mixing system
Catch basins for magnetic powder suspension  stainless steel

2,000 x 2,000 x 2,850 mm
approx. 800 kg

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Prüftisch MT
Test Bench 051-100 | Test Equipment for Magnetic Particle Testing

Testing of cylindric, rectangular and irregular shaped test parts

  • 2 x 230 V sockets (for connection of hand magnet)
  • 2 UV lamps type ZERO 400/3 with swivel arm
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Collection tank with outlet valve
  • Control cabinet
Technical Data  

Supply voltage
Control voltage
Power consumption
Driver power hydraulic unit
Intensity UV illumination
(measured at a distance of 400 mm)   

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
230 V / 50 Hz
1.5 kVA
1,500 W
approx. 3,800 µW/cm²

Diameter of roles
Speed of roles (stepless adjustable) 2
Dimensions of complete test bench
Height of work area

150 mm
0 - 50 min-1
1,500 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm
590 mm
approx. 300 kg

Test specimen:

Dimensions (on roller guide) L = 250 - 1,000  mm
∅ 100 - 650 mm
Weight  max. 1,000 kg

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Contact-less inspection system for combined MPI on assembled railway wheel sets

The device is equipped with two independent high current generators for simultaneous inspection of wheels and axles.

Technical Description

  • MPI wheelset testing system,
  • Steel frame with 2 manually movable carriages
  • Frame with base plates screwed to foundation
  • Double-roller linear axis for adjusting the height of the magnetization coil
  • 1 trapezoidal coil with handle and push button for magnetizing railway wheels Ø 800 to 1200 mm diameter (can be tilted forwards)
  • 1 segment coil with handle and push button for magnetization of railway axles up to Ø 250 mm
  • Two control cabinets containing high current transformers and control panels:

          - Hellmag 7k: 400 V; 60% relative duty cycle; for trapezoidal coil

            - Hellmag 15k: 400 V; 60% relative duty cycle; for segment coil

  • with distance monitoring to the test piece (visual display) - optionally
  • Mechanical clamping of the height adjustment
ROD-A-MAT | Railway wheel set inspection system

auf die Merkliste  131.050.045  ROD-A-MAT railway wheel set inspection facility  

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