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HELLING MT-Prüfkoffer
HELLING MT Test Case • for magnetic particle testing

The  HELLING MT test case   has been developed for teaching purposes at

  • Training centers,
  • Technical schools and 
  • Colleges.

It is also suitable for testing personnel and inspectors.

The  HELLING MT test case  contains all necessary equipment and consumables for the performance of MT testing.

For the content of the test case please refer to the product flyer.

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Product flyer
Centrifugal cast pipe


Centrifugal cast pipe according to  ASTM E709-08  for  determination of  magnetic particle concentration in suspensions.

After a setting time of

  • 30 min. for water-based suspensions
  • 60 min. for oil-based suspensions

a given number of scale marks must be reached.

According to ASTM E1444  the setting volume must be

  • 0.1 - 0.4 ml/100 ml  for fluorescent magnetic particle suspensions
  • 1.2 - 2.4 ml/100 ml  for non-fluorescent magnetic particle suspensions  
Centrifugal cast pipe | acc. to ASTM

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