Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing is a simple but sensitive method for detection of inhomogeneities at (or close to) surfaces of ferromagnetic materials. During magnetisation of these materials a magnetic leakage flux appears above material separations (e.g. cracks, pores). This magnetic leakage flux attracts the ferromagnetic particles.

HELLING  offers different  testing products  (fluorescent or coloured) in form of

  • dry powder
  • liquid concentrate, water-based
  • ready-to-use oil-based suspension

HELLING develops and produces  test equipment such as

  • hand yoke magnets
  • cross yokes
  • permanent magnets

for generating the magnetid field. These devices are hand-made by  HELLINGTest bodies and reference blocks  according to international standards enable control of testing products in conformity to respective standards.

Furthermore,  HELLING   manufactures completely equipped   test facilities for magnetic particle testing  according to the customer's specification.

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