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UV radiation

UV radiation (ultra-violett radiation),  invisible for human eyes, is an electro-magnetic radiation with a wave length of 100 to 380 nm.  This range is divided in  UV A  (380 - 315 nm),  UV B  (315 - 280 nm) and  UV C  (280 - 100 nm), acc. to DIN 5031.

Because of its high energy UV radiation is used in several industrial applications (e.g. hardening of foils, plastics, lacquer and paints). In NDT  it is used  for excitation of fluorescent substances producing visible fluorescence, mainly used in penetrant and magnetic particle testing. 

Since UV radiation can cause damage to the human eye and the skin limit values for permitted radiation have to be respected (see German UVV). Therefore, UV protection glasses should be worn always during operation using UV!

Spek E 1 

 Spectral intensitiy with doping of Fe

 Spek E 2
 Spectral intensitiy without doping


HELLING  additionally restricts UV emission of its respective products  by specific filters.  All UV lamps pass a thorough quality control. 

A certificate including the results of the spectral radiation analysis can be issued upon request of the customer.

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