Elektrostatisches Beschichten

Electrostatic Coating

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Elektrostatische Anlage
Electrostatic Unit • Coating Processes


  • Produces very homogeneous  layer thicknesses
  • Minimised droplet size
  • Low material consumption
  • Reduction of testing time 
  • Reduction of disposal costs

Electrostatic Coating Process

The particles (penetrant, developer) are charged with a negative tension. The test specimen is earthed and attracts the charged particles. By the generated force field the so-called wrap-around effect takes place. This means that not only the front side of the test specimen is coated but also its back side.

 Scope of delivery

  •  Piston pump
  •  Spray gun GM 5000EACFB 
  •  Cable length 20 m
  •  Control unit VM5000
  •  Protection tube
  •  Filter set
  •  Nozzle ACF-Brillant
  •  Air valve e4EAC Brillant
  •  Stirrer
  •  Release agent 250 ml

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