Spray Pistols and Handles

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Spritzpistole mit Fließbecher
Spray pistol with gravity flow cup


  • Low-weight and handy
  • High-strength plastic
  • Wetted parts are of stainless steel
    (suitable for agressiv and aqueous media)
  • Air volume control
  • Stepless round and broad jet adjusting
  • Large selection of nozzles


Necessary accessory
Art.-Nr. 880.000.004   Gravity flow cup

auf die Merkliste  880.000.002  Spray pistols without gravity flow cup  
auf die Merkliste  880.000.004  Gravity flow cup  

Pistolengriff für Sprühdosen
Pistol grip for aerosols


  • Cost-effective performance
  • Suitable for all aerosols and media
    (test media, remover, paints, greases and others)
  • Controlled spraying
  • Handy
Pistol Grip for Areosols

auf die Merkliste  129.800.002  Pistol grip for areosols  

Pistolengriff robust
Pistol Grip robust


  • Robust performance for frequent use
  • Suitable for all aerosols and media
    (test medium, remover, paints, greases etc.)
  • Ergonomical  design
  • Controlled spraying
  • Handy grip
Pistole Grip (robust)

auf die Merkliste  129.800.003  Robust pistole grip  

Pistolengriff mit UV-LED-Leuchte
Pistol Grip with UV LED lemp


  • For all aerosols 
  • Enables the controlled spraying under UV irradiation
  • UV lamp fixable with 2 knurled screws
  • 1,200  µW/cm2 in 400 mm distance
  • Quick change possible by velcro fastener
  • Robust performance for multiple use
  • Handy grip
Pistol Grip | with attachable UV LED lamp

auf die Merkliste  129.800.004  Pistol grip with UV LED lamp  

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