PT Test Kit

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Prüfkoffer für die Eindringprüfung
Test Kit for penetrant testing

Test kit for colour contrast penetrant testing


1 x NORD-TEST penetrant U88 (500 ml)

2 x NORD-TEST U87 remover (500 ml)

3 x NORD-TEST U89 developer (500 ml)

1 x MET-L-CHEK FP 93 A(M) penetrant (400 ml)

2 x MET-L-CHEK NPU remover (400 ml)

3 x MET-L-CHEK D70 developer (400 ml)

1 reference body acc. to ASME

1 UV lamp UV-Inspector 380-R

1 white light pocket lamp

1 pair protective gloves

1 wire brush

1 box cleaning cloths

Test Kit | for colour contrast penetrant testing

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