The  NORD-TEST penetrant system  is

  • applicable universally from -5 °C to +50 °C 
  • dehalogenated and solpher-free
    (confirmed acc. to ASTM E165-02 and ASTM D516-02, tested and certified acc. to EN ISO 3452-2 and KWU)

For applications within the range of -5 °C to +10 °C penetration time must be Extended.


The  NORD-TEST penetrant system tested and approved according to

  • DIN EN ISO 3452-2
  • KTA

and fulfils the requirements of

  • Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • Bureau Vertitas
  • Bureau Central Hollandais
  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • MIL-I-25135/QPL-25135
  • AMS 2644
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel
  • ASTM E165
  • ASTM E1417

Fluorescent Penetrant Testing

   penetrant according to EN ISO 3452-2

HELLING testing product system  NORD-TEST  offeres the following fluorescent penetrants:

Blue fluorescent       NORD-TEST FP 90 Blau N  (Intrinsic colour transparent)
Yellow-green fluorescent   NORD-TEST FP 93 TU


Colour Contrast Penetrant Testing

TYPE II   penetrant according to EN ISO 3452-2

HELLING  NORD-TEST Colour Contrast Penetrants  are

  • highly sensitive  
    class 2  according to EN ISO 3452-2

The  HELLING  standard system for coulour contrast penetrant testing consists of:

Remover     NORD-TEST U 87
Penetrant   NORD-TEST U 88
Developer   NORD-TEST U 89

Suitable for food industry is the penetrant:


Fluorescent Colour Contrast Penetrant Testing

header PT farbflux 

TYPE III   penetrant according to EN ISO 3452-2

HELLING  offers  the following  NORD-TEST Fluorecent Colour Contrast Penetrant:

Red fluorescent     NORD-TEST Rot 3000

This fluorescent contrast colour penetrant is

  • Ultra-high sensitive (Class 2  accord. to EN ISO 3452-2)
  • AZO-free
  • Well removable
  • Biodegradable

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1 Set contains:

  • 6 x aerosol NORD-TEST Reiniger U 87 (remover)
  • 2 x aerosol NORD-TEST ROT 3000 Penetrant
  • 4 x aerosol NORD-TEST Entwickler U 89 (developer)
NORD-TEST Set | 12 x 500 ml

auf die Merkliste  121.300.750  1 box with 12 aerosol  

Safety data sheet  

Reiniger U 87
Remover U 87
  • Solvent-based  (alcohol basis)
  • Halogen-free (class 2)
  • Ecological harmless
  • Fast evaporating
  • No residues


  • C   Solvent
  • E   Water and solvent
U 87 | NORD-TEST Remover

auf die Merkliste  121.300.101  Aerosol  500 ml
auf die Merkliste  121.300.102  Container  1 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.103  Container  10 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.104  Container  200 L

Safety data sheet  

Kontrastrot U 88

Red penetrant  for colour contrast penetrant testing (TYPE II)

  • Highly sensitive (class 2)
  • Dark red
  • Good wetting
  • Easy washable
  • Minor odour


  • A   Water
  •   Solvent
  •   Water and solvent
Kontrastrot U 88 | NORD-TEST Penetrant

auf die Merkliste  121.300.201  Aerosol  500 ml
auf die Merkliste  121.300.202  Container  1 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.203  Container  10 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.204  Container  200 L

Safety data sheet  

Developer U 89

White developer

  • Very fine-grained
  • Alcohol basis
  • Creates homogeneous layer
  • Short drying time


  • e  Solvent-based
U 89 | NORD-TEST developer

auf die Merkliste  121.300.701  Aerosol  500 ml
auf die Merkliste  121.300.702  Container  1 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.703  Container  10 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.704  Container  200 L

Safety data sheet  

NORD-TEST Rot 3000
NORD-TEST Rot 3000

Red fluorescent penetrant (TYPE III)

  • AZO-free
  • Biodegradable 
  • Slight smell
  • Very well washable
  • Red fluorescent under UV light


  • A   Water
  • C   Solvent
  • E   Water and solvent
ROT 3000 | NORD-TEST Penetrant

auf die Merkliste  121.300.301  Aerosol  500 ml
auf die Merkliste  121.300.302  Container  1 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.303  Container  10 L
auf die Merkliste  121.300.304  Container  200 L

Safety data sheet  


Blue fluorescent penetrant (class 2)

TYPE I  (intrinsic colour transparent)

For specific applications to avoid discouloration of sensitive surfaces


  • A   Water
  •   Solvent-removable
  •   Water and solvent
FP 90 Blau N | NORD-TEST Penetrant

auf die Merkliste  122.500.125  Container  200 ml
auf die Merkliste  122.500.122  Container  1 L
auf die Merkliste  122.500.123  Container  10 L

Safety data sheet  

NORD-TEST Food PenetrantNORD-TEST Food Penetrant
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NORD-TEST Food Penetrant

Food-safe colour contrast penetrant (class 2)

  • Contains ingredients which are permitted for food industry
  • Human toxicological harmless
  • Also applicable for conventional use


  • C  Solvent-removable
NORD-TEST Food Penetrant

auf die Merkliste  124.000.102  Container  1 L

Safety data sheet  Product flyer

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