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Wasch-Testkörper WTP-1Wasch-Testkörper WTP-1Wasch-Testkörper WTP-1
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Test Panel WTP-1

Stainless steel plate with two parallel fields whose surfaces are of medium roughness, both separated by a 1" wide  polished stripe.


Evaluation of washability of fluorescent penetrants (acc. AMS 2644C)

Technical Data        
Material of plate
Size of fields
Stainless steel
4 x 6 inch
6 x 1.5 inch

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Wasch-Testkörper WTP-2Wasch-Testkörper WTP-2
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Test Panel WTP-2

Two identical plates produced from the same blank (1.5 x 2 inch)

Evaluation of washability of fluorescent penetrants

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Kontrast / AuflösungKontrast / Auflösung
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Contrast / Resolution
UTE-3 | Test Scale / View Comparator


View comparison with text in Jaeger J1 and Jaeger J2




Test scale:
Evaluation of  fluorescence brightness at the test specimen and the contrast  to the ambient light 



Test scale in connection with view comparator:
 Verification of visual resolution capability of test personnel  (proof of near distance vision).


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