Probe Method

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Helium Leak Detector


  • High sensitivity
  • Very handy
  • Ergonomically friendly

The helium leak detector PHD-4  operates as Selective Ion Pump Detector (SIPD).

Helium penetrates through a special membrane heated to a specific temperature that allows helium atoms to pass. These are ionised by an ion converter. The detector registers the ion current thus produced and emits a signal whose height is proportional to the He amount detected. The signal amplitude indicates the leak size.

Technical Data  
Minimum detectable helium concentration     
Minimum detectable leakage rate
Response time 
Warming period incl. self-test
Operation voltage
Continuous operation period
2 ppm
5 x 10-7 Pa m3/s
2 s
3 min
18 V (Akku)
4 h
170 x 136 x 290 mm
2.6 kg

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Hydrogen Leak Test Device


Features of the  ISH 200-C hydrogen leak test device  are:

  • applicable for professional leak testing in  rough environment
  • very robust
  • low-cost test gas (5% hydrogen and 95 % nitrogen)
  • user-friendly technology
  • low maintenance costs
 Min. detectable leakage rate  
 -  Detection Mode with probe P50 7   1 x 10-7 mbar l/s or cc/s with 5% H2
 -  Analysis  Mode with probe P50  7   0.5 ppm H2; 5 x 10-7 mbar l/s or cc/s 5% H2
Technical Data  
Warm-up time incl. self test
Permanent operation
Recharge time
Input / output
1 min
Reference leak or calibration gas
> 9 h at 20 °C
< 7 h at 20 °C
25 pin, D-Sub with status signals
  24 V DC / 0.5 A; 9 pin, D-Sub with RS232
Operation voltage
Rechargable Li-Ion battery
275 x 190 x 170 mm
4 kg (without probe)


Scope of applications

  • Production and maintenance applications
  • Location of water, petrol and oil leakages
ISH 2000-C | hydrogen leak test device

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