Bubble Test


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The  bubble test  is a frequently used visual test method. The surface must be visible for this method.

After creating a pressure difference at the test specimen a foam-creating test liquid (indicator) is coated onto the low-pressure side of the test specimen.  A homogenous thin and well-coated layer is required for the detection  of small leakages. At the  location of a leakage bubbling takes place due to  gas emanation. 

Bubble test method with application of 
Proof Check test product


Area of applications

Leak testing of pressure vessels, hydraulic or gas systems.

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Proof Check
Proof Check

Wetting agent  for leak testing of

  • Vessels
  • Pipes
  • Valves, plug valves
  • industrial facilities containing gases (also combustable)
  • Oxygen processing systems
Technical Data  
Test pressure 1.5 - 2 bar
Leakage rate > 10-4 m³ Pa/s            approx. 10-7 m³ Pa/s     
Reaction time       2-3 seconds average 15 minutes

Test sensitivity                  1.3 10-7 m3 Pa/s

Temperature                     5 °C  to 40 °C

Proof Check | Leak Detection Spray

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auf die Merkliste  616.000.001  Proof Check  1 packaging unit (12 aerosols)

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Proof Check PLUS
Proof Check PLUS

Leakage Test Spray

Emulsion containing wetting agent, film formation and humidity bond agent

  • Non-combustible
  • Low surface tension
  • Good foaming capability
  • High slide resistance
Leakage rate > 10-4 m³ Pa/s            approx. 10-7 m³ Pa/s     
Reaction time       2-3 seconds average 15 minutes

Test sensitivity                  1.3 10-7 m3 Pa/s

Temperature                     -15 °C  to +50 °C

Proof Check PLUS | Leak Detector Spray

auf die Merkliste  616.000.010  Proof Check PLUS  aerosol, please add number of aerosols
auf die Merkliste  616.000.010  Proof Check PLUS  1 packaging unit (12 aerosols)
auf die Merkliste  616.000.013    10 L canister

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Vacuum Leak Testing Device


The  vacuum pump EV 20 N  is suitable for leak tests at

  • Pipes
  • Tanks
  • Sheet construction

Butt joints, hollow seams, corner joints as well as fused nozzles can be tested. Especially for tests of pipe constructions this method has proven to be highly reliable.

For enhancement of the operation safety the pump is protected by water seperator, flotation valve as well as back-pressure valve and filters.

Technical Data    
Max. volume stream           6 m3/h
Max. rel. vacuum
Power supply
Motor power
Rotation speed
Connection cable
Hose length between pump and frame
Protection class
  -900 mbar
230 V / 50 Hz
120 W
2,800 U/min
2 m
280 x 290 x 225 mm
9.7 kg
3 m


For delivery a transportation box is required!

Vacuum Pump | EV 20 N

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Vakuumbrille für Rundnähte
Vacuum Spectacles for Circumferential Welds


  • Transparent macrolon plate
  • Sponge rubber seal guarantees 100% fitting of the spectacle on the surface of the test object under vacuum


  • with vacuum manometer
Vacuum Frames | for circumferential welds

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auf die Merkliste  611.001.009  DN 140  
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auf die Merkliste  611.001.029  DN 1200  

Vakuumbrille für Ecknähte
Vacuum Frames | for corner welds

Side length   300 mm


  • With vacuum manometer

auf die Merkliste  611.001.033  Vacuum frame for corner welds  
auf die Merkliste  611.001.033x  Vacuum frame for corner welds  with vacuum manometer

Vakuumbrille für Kehlnähte
Vacuum Frame | for fillet welds

Dimensions          600 x 100 mm


  • With vacuum manometer

auf die Merkliste  611.001.030  Vacuum frame for fillet welds  
auf die Merkliste  611.001.030x  Vacuum frame for butt welds  with vacuum manometer

Vakuumbrille für Stumpfnähte
Vacuum Frame | for butt welds

Dimensions        600 x 100 mm


  • with vacuum manometer

auf die Merkliste  611.001.031  Vacuum frame for butt welds  
auf die Merkliste  611.001.031x  Vacuum frame for butt welds  with vacuum manometer

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